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Bay County Marine Extension


Bay County Sea Grant Agent Scott JacksonFlorida Sea Grant is a partnership with the Florida Board of Education, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Florida’s citizens, industries and governments. Bay County Marine Extension Agent, Scott Jackson, supports education programs in these areas:

Artificial Reefs
Catch and Release Fishing
Healthy Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
Hazard-Resilient Communities

Seafood Safety
Boating and Waterway Planning

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  1. pete

    interested in funding for our Bring back theReefs non profit organization bases in miami beach,florida

  2. Scott Jackson

    Several sources you can check into. NOAA Habitat Restoration maintains a list of available grants. Local Public-Private partnerships, even if it’s in-kind, can move you closer to your goals. Working with your Miami-Dade County Reef Coordinator (see contact info for Artificial Reefs) will help identify other local funds that might be available. State competitive grants are provided annually through Florida Fish and Wildlife. Usually the announcement is posted in Jan – Feb and due in Mar – Apr. You can call their office and request additional information (850) 922-4340 x207. And of course you can contact my Sea Grant Extension Colleague in Miami-Dade, Dr. Lisa Krimsky, for further assistance and information.

  3. Fishing Charter Melbourne

    You have provided an awesome site.

    1. Scott Jackson

      Thanks! We are working to develop the website. Please visit often as we’ll be updating our Bay County Artificial reef pages in the next few days with resources to help you find the best fishing spots next time you in town.

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