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Lawn & Garden

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If you are in the Horticulture industry (golf course, landscape, grounds management, etc.) please check out the Commercial Horticulture Page!

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Meet the Speakers for 2017 Great American Home and Garden Expo!

Home & Garden Expo 2017 Flyer UF/IFAS Master Gardener Steve Bates Presenting: Propagation of Herbaceous and Woody Plants Friday 3-4:50 p.m. and Saturday 3-4:50 p.m. Steve has served as a Master Gardener for the past 19 years with the University of Florida Extension Service. In 1995 he completed a 2-year certification program at Washington/Holmes Vocational …

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Butterfly Gardening Workshop Handouts

Thank you for attending the Butterfly Gardening Workshop! Below are links to the presentations and the map of the garden. Butterfly garden map and plant list Gardening for Butterflies June 2016 final – compressed Butterfly Workshop 060416 Butterfly Gardening in Florida¬†EDIS Publication  

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Plants and Gardening

Plants used in the landscape Abelia Rose Creek Butterfly Bush Blanket Flower Marigold Plumbago Zinnia Plectranthus Perennial Peanut Banana Needle Palm Related Publications Florida-Friendly Landscaping Butterfly Gardening in Florida Community ButterflyScaping        

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